«Nothing ever happens without a clever machine.»

As a tool maker since 1965 we possess the necessary basics to build «clever» machines – yet the many details that go into manufacturing a machine are much more important.


Unlike the sink erosion process for which a work piece is put into a dielectric fluid, the work piece is bathed in electrolytes for the Precise ECM process. The machine (pressure/rinse chamber) is the second important pillar apart from the process parameters to ensure the Precise ECM process functions properly. The machine not only positions the work piece accurately, it also directs the electrolytes to the right spot in accordance with the principles of the fluidics technique. If this cannot be guaranteed, the results will only be sub-standard.

The Precise ECM process is based on the flow of electrolytes which enable the removal of ions. This only works perfectly if the electrolyte experiences absolutely stable conditions as far as conductivity and temperature are concerned.